Men and Women's Style - RICH (T-shirt)
Men and Women's Style - RICH (T-shirt)

Men and Women's Style - RICH (T-shirt)

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This Authentic New Meaning Brand Shirt is for Men and Women (Both Styles available) who have decided material things do not equate being RICH and understand that you are truly RICH when you understand RICH means = Realizing I Choose Happiness.

20% of the proceeds of this shirt will be donated to Eustress, Inc,an exempt organization which was created to bring awareness to the importance of acknowledging, improving and preserving mental health, a topic often marked by stigma and denial, particularly in the black community.


To Maintain the Quality of your 100 % Cotton shirt the following Washing/Drying Care is recommended:

Women's shirts shape to body and are shape to the body, We suggest you to go a size higher than normal.
Turn your T-shirt inside out.
Wash with cold water.
DO NOT use Bleach.
Use the gentle cycle on your washing machine.
Air Dry your t-shirt or use the LOW heat setting on your dryer.